The main purpose in making music is that i’m trying to share the beauty of the world this way…

Translated from sanskrit, Maiia means magic, illusion, power, fruit of cosmic creativity.
Maiia Project is harmoniously combination the sounds of an ancient instruments and modern electronic in her music. The project was founded in 2006 by Alla Vagner (dj Maiia),
The debut release was in January 2008. In 2009 Namaha Records releases the first mini-album of Maiia – Forest Magic. In April 2011 label from Canada, Altar Records, releases the first full-length album of Maiia – Sacred Knowledge of Ancient Civilizations. Second album, Primrose, releases in 2012. In the same year Ovnimoon Records releases 3d album, Shakti. In September 2014 the same label releases fourth album of the project with fresh sound – Maiia303 – Sky In Diamonds.

On regular basis Maiia records conceptual dj sets mixing various styles of downtempo. Her music is being broadcasted in multiple radio shows around the globe. Maiia is an often guest at the world’s largest electronic music online radio station Di dot FM in USA.

In 2009 Alla assembles her ethno psy chill band for live performances. The band inherits the name of its leader Maiia. Alla acts as the band’s music author and producer. In addition to various synthesizers, many of Alla’s recordings feature sounds of live instruments and vocals. Maiia Project also collaborates with different dance groups for creating special shows for every live performance.

In 2014 Alla together with Edward Cybered launches a label Mystic Sound Records, releasing a music of such well-known producers as Slackbaba, Globular, Radiactive Sandwich, ManMadeMan, Chilled C’Quence, Kanc Cover, Chronos, Taruna and many more.

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Maiia Live @Mystic Sound Party - ZERO CULT live in Moscow
Maiia DJ-set @ YOTASPACE
Maiia Live @ Peace and Love Festival
Maiia live @ FOURЭ Festival 2015, Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN
Maiia Live@ ART Sad
Maiia Project@TRIMURTI 2015


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